5 Myths About Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

The garage should not be a neglected area of your home because it houses one of your investments, your cars. And in this area, the most crucial part is the garage floor. To ensure that the garage flooring optimally performs, you should find a suitable flooring material. This is epoxy flooring because of its many advantages. While being known for its durability, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance, stain, water, shock, and chemical-resistant qualities, there are many myths that surround an epoxy garage floor. To guide you in your search for the best garage flooring, here are some of the most common myths about epoxy flooring:

worker applying gray epoxy garage flooring

Myth No. 1. Epoxy is the same as paint.

Epoxy is definitely not a kind or type of paint. The mixture, application, and purpose are not the same. Epoxy is a combination of a hardener, resin, and other additives. When applied, it does not simply dry but also hardens. More importantly, it sticks into the concrete base. Epoxy is thicker than paint, and it has superior strength that allows it to be abrasion, chemical, corrosion, and erosion resistant.

Myth No. 2. Professional epoxy installation is expensive.

The finished product of garage epoxy flooring is attractive and very durable. That is why many contractors are taking advantage of unaware customers. This is a myth because the epoxy garage floor cost is very affordable. For professionals who are true to their service, it should not be more than $6 per square foot. It may seem costly in total if you measure your garage, but the long-lasting benefits that you will gain from this are worth it!

Myth No. 3. When installing, you only need to clean the concrete.

Partly true because the concrete base where the epoxy is to be poured should require cleaning. However, it is not as simple as that. The concrete garage floor should be prepared professionally. This is done by removing the contaminants, loose cement, and any open pores or rough surfaces. This way, adhesion is enhanced.

Myth No. 4. The epoxy coating kit is the same as professional installations.

Do not be misled by blogs that claim you can DIY your epoxy garage floor. Epoxy floor coating requires inspection and preparation of the concrete floor before application. You may not have the skill and training to do this. If epoxy does not adhere to the concrete floor as it should be, you may only need the help of a professional to fix it. Better, go directly to an epoxy flooring company to prevent problems.

garage epoxy flooring after application

Myth No. 5. You need to reapply the epoxy every 1 to 3 years.

This might be true if you risked the DIY installation, could not prepare the concrete properly, or hire a contractor that used industry-grade epoxy floor coating. Otherwise, you will not need reinstallation for such a short span. Instead, you will enjoy a decade or more of quality epoxy garage flooring. The long-term use of epoxy flooring is well-known if you choose a professional epoxy flooring company to help you in the process.

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