5 Top Misconceptions About Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a popular floor material in Pasco County. It is best applied to the kitchen, basement, and garage floor as well as commercial flooring. This popularity is due to epoxy’s durability, quality, and resistance to oil, dust, chemicals, and dirt. While this is true for this amazing flooring option, there are many misconceptions that hold back prospective users of epoxy flooring. If you are one of them, learn the truth about these misconceptions and then think again if this flooring option is good for you:

worker doing epoxy flooring

1. Epoxy is expensive – debunked!

This is a common misconception about epoxy garage floor because of its final look. It looks stunning and beautiful. But because of its quality and durability, you need not do much maintenance unlike other flooring options. Hence, epoxy flooring is a good investment because you need not spend a lot in maintaining its look and functionality. You will realize this over the years.

2. Epoxy is the same as paint – debunked!

Epoxy and paint are not the same. Paint does not have the ability to resist chemical abrasions and stains. Epoxy binds with the concrete base to form a sturdy layer or coating that protects the floor from damage that paint cannot do so effectively.

3. Professional installation is not required – debunked!

For any flooring, professional help from epoxy companies like Epoxy Flooring Pros is a must! From the right materials, techniques, and equipment, you need to ensure that a contractor gets the job done right. The DIY epoxy kit is only ideal for those who have professional experience in installing epoxy floors. This is crucial because preparing the base concrete is necessary to ensure that epoxy bonds properly. If you are not experienced, it is better to give this job to Epoxy Flooring Pros to avoid the expenses of repeating and fixing the DIY job.

garage-epoxy flooring with signage

4. Epoxy can only be used on new concrete – debunked!

Epoxy bonds properly to any kind of concrete new or old. For old concrete, it is important to inspect it professionally and apply the preparatory methods that will sure that it will work well. The same with new concrete, it should be checked and prepared if it has dried and is ready for pouring the epoxy.

5. Epoxy layer should be reapplied often – debunked!

Unlike other floors, an epoxy garage floor has a longer lifespan. As it is durable, it can withstand several foot and vehicular traffic. It can also take on heavy machinery and equipment. Good thing that epoxy has a good chemical composition that also resists bleaches and cleaners. When installed properly and professionally, epoxy flooring can last from 10 to 15 years. Reapplying it many times will not be an option for years.

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