7 Different Types of Epoxy Flooring Coating 

If you aren’t familiar, epoxy flooring coating is used to seal, protect and beautify concrete floors. An application of this coating usually consists of two layers: The first is an epoxy primer which helps the second layer, an epoxy top coat, adhere better to the surface and create a more durable finish. There are several types of epoxy flooring coats available to choose from, recommending where it is best applied: 

Self-Dispersing Epoxy Flooring

Self-dispersing epoxy floor coating is a solid and resilient surface, made even more so by adding quartz sand. Ideal for areas such as food production plants, agricultural facilities, and manufacturing warehouses that may endure heavy machinery traffic daily. A self-dispersing epoxy floor coating is quickly becoming the preferred option for businesses looking to maintain optimum durability. 


If you’re searching for a durable, aesthetically pleasing floor solution with the added benefit of concealing minor cracks and imperfections in either existing or new concrete, look no further than self-leveling epoxy flooring. Business owners everywhere rely on this option to create eye-catching floors in their office buildings, warehouses, showrooms, and manufacturing plants. 

self leveling epoxy floor coating


If you want a decorative and eye-catching flooring solution, epoxy coating is your go-to. With this application, you can incorporate brand marks, detailed designs, and logotypes onto the floors. Moreover, graveled epoxy offers vibrant flakes to present an illusion of pebbles on the ground – ideal if you wish to show off your logo or brand name. 


Mortar epoxy flooring is the most resilient type of epoxy coating and can be used to mend cracks in existing floors before applying a top coat, like an anti-slip one. This flooring often appears in places with heavy footfall, such as production plants, warehouses, or manufacturing sites – it’s no wonder mortar epoxies are so famous for these locations. Not only that, but this coating has immense repairing capabilities when it comes to other forms of pre-existing damage on your floor from prior layers too. 

Flaked Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy-flaked flooring is a decorative technique that adds multicolored chips or flakes into the epoxy coating while still wet. This method offers an attractive finish to any room and can be seen everywhere, from medical facilities to commercial kitchens. Not only does this type of flooring provide visual beauty with its multitude of vibrant colors, but it also provides long-lasting durability for years to come. 

epoxy resin texture


This type of coating is better suited as a primer or sealer, spreading thinly and not offering the same protective qualities that 100% solid coatings can provide. DIY kits often include it due to its ease of use compared to other products. Its ability to penetrate porous surfaces makes it ideal for applying over degreased concrete – giving a glossy finished look and protection against abrasions, chemical reactions, and stains. 

100% Solid Coating

This one is the most dependable epoxy material, as recommended and used by professional installers. For up to two decades, it stands the test of time in areas subject to considerable footfall that require protection against scratches or chemical reactions caused by substances like hot tire marks. Furthermore, installers use hardeners which cause it to dry into a solid form while forming an unbreakable bond with the concrete underneath. 

Speak With A Reliable Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Finding the right epoxy floor contractor is essential if you’re looking to install a reliable and long-lasting epoxy floor coating. An experienced professional team can help select the correct type of coating for your space while providing an installation service that guarantees quality results.  

For all your epoxy flooring needs, speak with a trusted and reliable like Epoxy Flooring Pros. Our team of professionals can help you find the perfect epoxy solution for your space – from self-leveling to 100% solid coatings. 

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