Give Your Floors a Makeover with Epoxy Flake: Everything You Need to Know

The way we see it, every floor is a blank canvas just begging to be transformed into something beautiful. Epoxy flake flooring does just that–and then some. Indeed! Let’s go through all the information you need about this flooring system from Epoxy Flooring Pros Pasco County, your specialist in epoxy services.

What is Epoxy Flake?

Epoxy flake is a new, innovative approach to floor finishing or floor covering that employs dry flakes or chips of paint, metal, or vinyl in addition to a base coat for a smooth, long-lasting, and multi-color finish. The epoxy base provides a strong and durable foundation, while the flakes add beauty and slip resistance to the floor. Epoxy flake floors are most common in residential garages, but you can also use them in commercial and industrial settings.

Benefits of Epoxy Flake Coating

There are beneficial reasons why epoxy flake has become a popular flooring choice:

Cleaning is relatively easy and does not require a lot of effort.

The chief benefit of this fluid-applied flooring type solution is that they are seamless, eliminating most cracks and creases where dirt, mold, and bacteria can potentially collect. Moreover, because resinous flooring creates a monolithic surface, it is easy to clean with just a hose if necessary; plus, it can withstand the application of many harsh chemical cleaners.

Functional and highly adaptable

Epoxy flake may be customized better to fulfill the practical demands of a specific location thanks to its decorative flake architecture, which you may use in various industries. It includes choosing from many textures to help avoid slippage and falls.

Proven in Its Durability and Sturdiness

Many businesses and industries can use this epoxy flooring system because it can resist high traffic and many common challenges (fading, staining, scratching, chipping, peeling) by incorporating epoxy flakes. These flakes are also temperature-, grease-, and spill-resistant while being 5mm thick for maximal coverage. Not only that, but they are also impact resistant due to their elasticity. Your concrete will be stronger and last longer too.

Reduce the level of noise

Epoxy flake flooring is another tremendous benefit for reducing noise in a room. It is because there are no gaps or seams in the floor, which dampens sound rather than amplifies it. If you’re tired of hearing your garage’s echo, this is a fantastic option to implore as an epoxy garage floor. You’ll notice how much better things are once you’ve tried them out.

Place Epoxy Flake Floors Can Be Installed

As mentioned, epoxy floors with flakes can withstand high traffic and many common challenges, making them ideal for residential and commercial applications. Here are some examples of where this type of flooring would be a good fit:

  • Basements, garages, workstations, and other places are constantly in use or in constant activity.
  • Epoxy garage floor coating is ideal in health care facilities, retail businesses, commercial kitchens, and exhibition spaces. The compound may undergo a variety of modifications depending on the situation.
  • Ideal in warehouses, machine shops, industries, and other high-traffic areas.

Is an epoxy flake floor worth the investment?

epoxy flake floor

It’s a paradigm shift from the norm, but with all the benefits of epoxy flake floors, it’s worth your time and money to try them. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing than concrete, but they’re also slip-resistant and easy to clean. Epoxy flake floor installation can be in various residential and commercial settings, so there’s a definite alternative that suits your needs. Press those computer tabs and search for epoxy flooring near me. It is high time to give your floors a makeover with epoxy flakes today!

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