How to Extend the Life of Your Epoxy Flooring

By having an epoxy floor alone is already a good investment for your family or business. The epoxy floor coating will do its job in protecting the concrete base from stains, grease, and moisture as well as other problems. However, when you keep its good condition, its lifespan will be extended, and you end up enjoying its benefits for a long time. How can you do this? Learn more about the easy steps below.

white epoxy flooring attic room

Place mats on the entry of the area with epoxy flooring.

At the entrance of the rooms or the areas with epoxy floor coating, leave a floor mat where people can wipe their shoes or feet. Simply, before they step on the floor, any dirt or debris is removed. This will minimize what you need to clean later on.

Keep the epoxy floor clean.

If you have an epoxy garage floor, chances are your car will bring dirt and stains from the road. And so, remove these with a soft-bristle broom or a dust mop once a week. If oil and grime are left on the floor for days, you may have a hard time removing them. So, you better include cleaning your epoxy flooring on your to-do list weekly. 

If your epoxy floor has construction joints or saw cuts, you should also clean these parts once a month using a vacuum to easily suck the dirt out from these joints. At the end of the day, this keeps your floor clean and presentable.

Use safe products to clean your epoxy flooring.

Epoxy is resistant to many elements, such as oil, grease, and other chemicals, but not acid. Do not attempt to clean stubborn stains with acids, including citrus and vinegar. Note that acid can eat away the epoxy floor coating. And so, you can instead use an ammonia-based cleaner as this is safe for the epoxy.

While you may have a dishwashing liquid ready to use anytime, you cannot use it on your epoxy. It cannot damage the coating. However, it can leave a film that is unattractive to your epoxy floor. Better avoid it and use the trusted cleaning agent suggested above.

work in progress epoxy floor coating

Repair damage if any sooner.

Over the years, epoxy may show some signs of wear and tear. Note your garage floor has a car or cars in it and this enters the area with hot wheels. Other than that, equipment may fall on your flooring. Also, the high traffic for years can bring some cracks. When you notice any changes, it is best to act fast to remedy the situation. Contact Epoxy Flooring Pros if you reside within Pasco County, Florida. Their epoxy contractors will inspect your garage floor and advise you on what they can do to fix the issues with your epoxy floor coating.

Epoxy Flooring Pros can take care of your epoxy. If you do not have one yet or you have been meaning to change your old epoxy floor, they can also professionally install this coating for you. Plus, you can choose the design that best fits your home’s theme. Surely, their expert service and guidance will make your epoxy floor last longer.

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