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Pool Deck Resurfacing Pasco County

Isn’t it bothersome to look at your once magnificent-looking pool deck which then turned into a cracked and stained eyesore? In Pasco County, pool deck resurfacing is the most cost-effective option for restoring your concrete. Resurfacing is one way to bring your pool deck back to life with exciting new textures and colors with an amazing new design giving you the confidence to have an awesome pool party.

Pasco County Epoxy Flooring offers you the best price for concrete swimming pool deck resurfacing costing you just a few bucks of what you would pay for concrete replacement. You are free to choose from several decorative designs which look and feel like a custom high-end pool deck. Whether you want the beauty of flagstone, pavers, colored, or a stained concrete pool deck, you can count on our concrete resurfacing contractors for reliable and beautiful results transforming your pool deck into a kool deck!

Allow us to professionally resurface your pool deck at an affordable cost!

Do you have a swimming pool like most Pasco County residents?

It’s common to see swimming pools in every household in Pasco County. Why? It’s obvious! Florida is considered the most tropical state in the United States, where humid and hot are the norm; owning a pool is the best and easiest way to beat the heat during the summertime. 

Kids often have low immunity and allergies, so it’s a no-brainer for parents to restrict them from the quite unhealthy public pools. For them, a swimming pool at home is a blessing. The same applies to adults.

Nobody can explain how that exhilarating and incredible feeling of leaving everything behind and cannonballing into your swimming pool after a grimy, busy day without ever thinking someone would reprimand you. Pools offer you more than you can think of. Pool parties are an amazing way to gather up with family and friends. Your swimming pool deck then becomes a lounging space and playground.

pool deck concrete resurfacing after

Resurface Your Pool Deck with texturized concrete overlays in many patterns and colors.

If you happen to be residing in Pasco County, FL, or have, for some time, stayed here, you will understand how the summers can get extremely hot, which makes more people want to soak in the pool. However, a common pool deck resurfacing is known for heating up, feeling that burn on people’s feet, which may cause soreness and painful blisters for days.

Besides epoxy flooring and concrete resurfacing, Pasco County Epoxy Flooring specializes in pool deck resurfacing and understands every problem. One thing to point out is the issue of slipping due to how naturally the pool deck surface becomes wet. Pasco County Epoxy Flooring combats that problem with a concrete pool deck surfacing using unique textures.

The Cost-Effective Pool Deck Resurfacing in Pasco County

If you are looking for the best resurfacing option to achieve a brand-new-looking pool deck, then our resurfacing services are the most cost-effective option you could get. Basic concrete resurfacing is made from a concrete overlay fortified with special polymer resins. That overlay, which can be colored according to your liking, will be poured over your old concrete to restore it, giving it a new coat.

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck Pasco County, FL

Having a stamped concrete pool deck overlay gives your pool deck a beautiful new look. It takes your pool deck to the next level leaving behind the dull concrete by giving you rich colors and textures, such as flagstone, slate, pavers, or wood planks. Our services are done by experts by applying a coat of concrete overlay after preparing your cement pool deck. Giving the overlay a multiple concrete stain then stamped to copy a realistic, different material with lines, textures, and natural colors. You can achieve the stamped concrete look of natural stone, pavers, or wood at a low cost.

Beautiful Modern Home Pool Deck Resurfacing

Decorative Concrete Pool Deck Pasco County, FL

For customers who value designs, only decorative concrete gives you the flexibility to select any shape, color, surface treatment, and size for your deck. From plain finished concrete and patterns imprinted to copy tile to exposed aggregate, natural stone, wood, and brick. You can also mix and match tons of decorative treatments, such as merging stained concrete with an imprinted or stenciled border or an enhanced color overlay with engraved or saw cut patterns. 

Pool Deck Decorative Concrete Wood Plank Pattern

Why Choose Pasco County Epoxy Flooring Pros

When it comes to any services for pool deck resurfacing, Pasco County Epoxy Flooring is the leading company in Pasco County, FL. We offer professionally trained experts to each of our clients and take our concrete pool deck resurfacing very seriously. With this kind of work, any sloppiness, unscrupulous, or imperfections can cause someone’s safety and may hurt themselves at the least or even cost someone their life at the most. These kinds of work require focus and are not to play around with.

If you want a safe, elegant, and cost-effective solution for your pool deck, call us today for more information!