Putting Epoxy Flooring on Your Own Is Not Recommended (Here’s Why)

DIYing has become increasingly popular among homeowners today, but when it comes to laying epoxy flooring in your home, the experts recommend leaving this job to a professional. Installing epoxy flooring can be a tricky and labor-intensive process that requires specialized knowledge and skills.

Preparing the surface for an epoxy floor is a critical first step for beginners. The epoxy will only bond effectively with the concrete with proper preparation, leading to future problems. Although installing epoxy yourself may be tempting, there are a few risks associated with doing so.

It’s not a good idea to lay it yourself for several reasons, which we will explore individually.

Costs associated with DIY epoxy flooring are higher over time.

Cheaper in the short-term, sure– DIY epoxy coating. But it’ll end up costing you more money eventually. Home improvement store kits will not give you the comprehensive coverage you need; you might have to buy two. Not only are there costs associated with buying the kit, but also with cleaning and prepping supplies and sealing them. Consider renting a concrete grinder to get an excellent job without breaking the bank. Even with that initial cost, remember that there is always maintenance because jobs like this tend to peel and flake sooner when not applied correctly from the beginning.

You need the right equipment and supplies for the job.

When laying epoxy flooring, you must have the right tools and supplies. You should also know how to use them correctly for maximum effectiveness. If you don’t have the necessary experience or equipment, there is a much higher chance of mistakes being made that would render your epoxy floor looking worse than it did before.

The epoxy kits you buy in the department store are not professional-grade. It is usually water-based, which means it will only last for a short time. Professional epoxy companies use industrial-grade materials to resist wear and tear in busy areas like garages or warehouses.

There is a greater risk of damaging the subfloor.

When installing an epoxy floor, you must consider any flaws in the subfloor. If the subfloor has cracks or other issues, they must fix before installation. It requires specific knowledge and experience, which professionals and DIYers do not.

In addition to this, improper use of epoxy can seriously damage the subfloor and cause costly repairs. An epoxy flooring company will be able to identify any problems with the subfloor and address them before laying the epoxy, preventing costly repairs later down the line.

Putting Epoxy Flooring

Moisture may pool and collect beneath the coating.

Epoxy flooring must be installed over a dry surface to bond correctly. If there is any moisture present, it will not bond properly and can cause air bubbles or other problems. Professionals know how to identify and address moisture issues before laying the epoxy, while DIYers may only be aware once it’s too late.

As a rule, waiting 24 hours after epoxy application before resuming use is best. Applying tension too early, through heat or humidity, can cause the epoxy layer to separate from the concrete. By conducting regular moisture tests, issues can be detected sooner and prevented from developing further. These can only be done correctly by professionals.

Overall, you should not install epoxy flooring on your own. Doing so without the proper knowledge and tools can result in costly mistakes and repairs. Instead, leave this job to a professional epoxy flooring company with the experience and equipment needed for a successful installation. With their help, you can get a beautiful epoxy flake floor that will last for years.

The peace of mind associated with a professional installation is invaluable, and the results speak for themselves! Contact Epoxy Flooring Pros Pasco County today to set up a free consultation and get your epoxy project started.

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