Questions to Ask When Finding an Epoxy Flooring Contractor

You should find the best when you need to hire an epoxy flooring company for your residential or commercial flooring. You can do this by knowing what questions to ask before hiring them. It is essential to hire a professional epoxy garage floor company to ensure high-quality service. Besides getting the job done, the service should include the use of industry-grade materials, which is necessary for your epoxy flooring to last a decade or more. Otherwise, you will experience peeling or chipping after a year or so from the poor application of the epoxy.

worker mixing yellow epoxy flooring

What makes a reputable epoxy flooring contractor?

A contractor should not only claim that they are professional, but this should also reflect on the work they do. They should be trustworthy, and as mentioned, they should use the best materials in the industry. Moreover, they should walk you through the entire process once the contract starts. They should explain to you how an epoxy floor works and the preparation needs of the concrete floor beneath it or where it is poured. Educating you about the process, how long it will take, and the materials are essential.

To guide in your search, here are the questions you need to ask potential professional epoxy flooring company you ought to hire:

  1. Are you licensed?

Do not only focus on the service you need. In this process, you also need to know who you are working with. In this case, it is necessary to see if they are licensed to install epoxy floor coating. They should be able to present proof that they are licensed and that it is updated.  

 2. Are you insured?

When they claim that they are insured, you should ask whether they are insured. It should be a general liability policy that covers both your protection and their employees. This type of policy must also cover installation and equipment-related risks. Often, you are allowed to request proof of the policy, and you can contact the insurance provider to clarify more about the coverage, filing a claim, and expiration of the policy.

 3. Are there reviews and references that I can check?

You should prefer an epoxy flooring company with a website that displays its reviews or testimonials. This will help you know how satisfied or dismayed their customers are. If there is none online, you can ask them for this. More importantly, try to get references that you can contact for feedback about the company’s services. If these past customers have the same positive experiences with those reviews online, you may be working with a legitimate, professional epoxy flooring company.

 4. How much professional experience do these contractors have?

Any reputable construction company should provide their timeline or display it for the customers’ perusal. Moreover, their contractors should be able to know everything about epoxy flooring and the nuances of epoxy. Besides knowledge, they should be able to effectively convey this to you and demonstrate this in the past jobs that they have completed. 

contractor coating yellow epoxy flooring

If all these are present in an epoxy flooring company, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you are hiring a qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced contractor.

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